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The Abbotsford 55+ Home Income Plan allows you, Abbotsford Mortgage Clients ages 55+ to unlock the value in your home, downsize in luxury & style or even buy a bigger home. Learn how with BROWNE, we are equipped to help you navigate these circumstances by offering honest advice and intelligent industry experience.


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About our Abbotsford Reverse Mortgages



Are you an Abbotsford Resident 55 years old +?  As the most referred mortgage broker in Abbotsford you will want to call us or chat live online and find out what simple philosophy sets us apart from other Abbotsford mortgage brokers. We can help navagate you through our unique way of unlocking your equity in your home to allow you to enjoy in ways you never thought you could.

On July 9th 2012 Mortgage rules changed across Canada impacting Line Of Credit's, a tool used by many to retire with. With limitations in these products now, more and more clients will have to consider reverse mortgages to maintain their lifestyles.

Abbotsford Reverse MortgageAn Abbotsford CHIP Home Income Plan OR Abbotsford Reverse Mortgage is a loan secured by the equity in your home. Without having to sell your home, you can receive up to 50% of the value of your home.  The big difference with our reverse mortgages is that you do not have to make any payments - interest or principal - for as long as you or your spouse live in your home. You maintain ownership and control of your home while enjoying all the benefits of having converted some of its value into readily accessible, tax-free cash flow.

The Abbotsford CHIP Home Income Plan has helped thousands of people who are looking for a simple, sensible way to unlock the value in their homes - homes that they're very comfortable in and don't want to have to sell. Some of them have expressed it this way: "CHIP helps me get the money I need to enjoy life on my terms."

A reverse mortgage through the CHIP Home Income Plan is available through our team at BROWNE Mortgages + More.


-CHIP is provided by HomEquity Bank.  They received schedule 1 bank status in 2009, making them a very attractive option in today’s credit environment.  You may be surprised at how customer friendly the program has become.

-There are 1000 people in Canada turning 65 every single day right now.  Many cannot afford to quit working because pension income just isn’t enough, and many don’t have enough investments to last with today’s cost of living and longer life expectancy.  However, many have homes that appreciated very well, and they can use a portion of that equity to help them with income.

-There is no credit check, no income verification, and no medical check required.  The approval is based only on their age and the equity in their home.

  • -Title remains fully in their name, and CHIP is just a 1st mortgage.  It can be paid out and discharged just like a regular mortgage, and the remaining equity is left for the clients when they sell.

-The money can be used however they like.  Pay off debt, renovations, travel, early inheritance, investment, etc. 

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