Do me a favor! Try our New Real Estate Smart Phone App.

As of this month BRMC Mortgages, in association with HomeLife Real Estate in Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack, have developed our very own smart phone app. Below is an example of the app done for our office – Each of your personal Homelife Realtors will also be developing one of these! Very Cool.

Some of our Abbotsford Mortgage Clients and Chilliwack Mortgage Clients have already downloaded this app! We have had a fun time testing it out and now we are hoping everyone trys it. It’s free and easy to use, and will energize your real estate knowledge! If you send me an email (use contact form to the left

), I will text/share the App directly to you OR you can simply text our Phone App Department directly at their text #: 65656 and put in the body of your text ‘4sale62’.

  • Find out what your neighbours house is selling for
  • Locate dream properties while driving around your dream neighborhood’s
  • Get info on new house’s for sale 2 days quicker
  • It’s free!!

Over 90% of Home Buyers are starting their search on mobile devices – DO you have one yet? BRMC Mortgages and Homelife have worked together to give you this FREE one. Try it out today!