Free Business Plan for 2015 – Our gift to you

Hello BRMC Mortgage Clients, Realtors and of course our very favorite “Self Employed” individuals. Do you own your own business or know someone else who does? Looking for a planning tool to help you in 2015? We’ve done the research and we found the best one out there for Canadians!

Try this planning tool and track your business results throughout 2015. December is usually a slower time of the year and offers a great opportunity to sit down and think about your up coming year. This free tool we used this year is great so please give it a whirl.

Welcome to the Business Plan Writer!

If you’re setting out on a course to start a business or thinking creating a plan for your existing business then you are reading the right blog. This website is a FREE provider of business plans and if at the end of writing your plan you need capital to borrow to start or improve your business we will happily review your business plan! After all we do lend money.

We used this online Business Plan Writer this year and it is provided by Futurpreneur Canada – it is an interactive planning tool that helps you develop a business plan through a step-by-step process with additional resources when you get stuck.

Why write a business plan?

A business plan obviously describes the future path of a business. This business plan specifically designed for a first- time business owner. However, even those who are very familiar with business plans will also find this tool useful, with simple, practical approaches.

One of the most compelling reasons for writing a business plan is the new insights you’ll uncover about your business idea. These insights will help you avoid costly mistakes down the road. Many business plans are written to prove why a business idea will work. This Business Plan Writer focuses on how your business idea will work. It’s a much more practical approach that will serve you well in the long run. For example, we guide you to be more specific in your marketing activities and ask you to go deeper in understanding your sales forecasts because most entrepreneurs face their biggest challenges in gaining customers.

We believe that an effective business plan increases your chance of success. It creates greater confidence in your idea with workable strategies you can implement.

This Business Plan Writer is a resource that you can come back to time-and-time again. Here’s to your success!


Your business plan should be written in the third person; not using “I”, or “we” but the name of the company. For example, rather than “I will sell directly to …” state “ABC Company will sell directly to …” Write your business plan in paragraph form, using bullet style lists and text boxes when you want to be more succinct.

Keep the writing concise and avoid repetition, even if the point you are making fits under several categories in your business plan. Avoid jargon that the reader may not understand and if you use acronyms, always spell out the full terminology with the acronym in brackets the first time you use the acronym.

The key is to just start. Don’t aim for perfection: it doesn’t exist in the business world. Instead, commit to completing each section by setting goals for yourself. Insights gained in one section will shed new light upon another. A business plan is a work-in-progress that can and should be updated regularly.



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