Personal Budget Blown Too? We have a ‘Gross’ problem.

When searching for blog ideas this month, it became quickly obvious that all of us could use some helpful, easy-to-use information on how to spend less money than we make. Due to the holiday spending, we have had many people asking us to address this topic. We even texted the BRMC Mortgage Broker Team and asked them if a “Budget Solutions for our Clients” would be a good topic this month, and I received our first group agreement in almost a year! (LOL) So here we go:


“My problem lies in reconciling my ‘gross’ habits with my ‘net’ income.”

— Errol Flynn

Even Hollywood Stars can spend more than they earn.


Well said and very funny, Errol. I love his play with accounting words. Mind you, I believe this Hollywood Star’s “Gross Habits” were probably much different than ours here in Abbotsford. I’m sure we are all are guilty of ‘grossly’ spoiling our kids and spending a few extra dollars on ourselves over the holiday season, despite our net income limitations.

Now, what can we do to correct this? A budget? Nope. Have YOU ever been on one? They don’t work for most of us. Much like our post-holiday/New Year’s resolution diets, it’s hard to stick to a budget that is not part of our lifestyle already. To train ourselves to implement good habits during the darkest, coldest months of the year is simply a recipe for failure. So instead, let us approach this issue as being a payment problem rather than an income problem. We can help change your bill payments and simply reduce them, while arranging to pay off the debts quicker!

At BRMC Mortgages, we are well-versed in solutions that will cut down your monthly bill payments so you have money left over at the end of the month (no budget required). We can save you thousands of dollars per year you spend on higher interest rate debts, such as cars, visas and even mortgages.

If you own a house, we can also help you also book that long-awaited sunny, all-inclusive vacation while we are at it–all we have to do is set up an Abbotsford Debt Consolidation plan for you. Call us today for more information.

Jordi Browne



Jordi Browne and Dave Browne: BRMC Mortgage – Thanks you for taking the time to read our blog.


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