Property Taxes and Why We Hate Them

“I hate property taxes!” was said to me today over lunch as I was trying to decide what I would write about this month for our Abbotsford’s Mortgage Blog. My server goes on to explain to me she had to make a big payment today for taxes and she hated it. We easily found common ground complaining about taxes. Doesn’t everyone hate them – We sure as heck can’t offend anyone complaining about taxes out loud in a busy restaurant – No one likes taxes.

She explains every year for last 15 years her property taxes in Mission have gone up. And every year for the last 15 years she has elected to pay the taxes herself instead of using her bank services to do it on her behalf. And every year for the last 15 years she has encountered a new way for them to become more painful. If it is an Interac Card with a limit not high enough regardless of her efforts to raise her limit for that one day or the painful realization a young family has on it’s limited funds to balance the cheque book for a solid week in hopes the cheque clears, she hates property taxes!!

I guess for me its not as painful because the tax plans provided by my Mortgage Lender allows me to no longer go down to city hall and pay them in person. I actually get a little enjoyment logging into my online City Tax Service with my Folio Number to cliam my $570.00 grant! (I love saving money!)

In my case I only see myself getting money back, not paying it! For me, the money on property taxes has been squirreled away monthly before I could spend it. Regardless taxes are still not fun.

Here is a list of online tax services that may make your experience online a little easier. And if your lender offers a tax savings plans and serices take advantage of it – the service is free!! Why is it free? Well that is a whole other blog topic but know this, your lender needs you to pay your taxes and it is for their own protection! So use and abuse this one free bank service.






Port Coquitlam:

Maple Ridge:

North Vancouver:

New Westminster:



Delta: Home Owner Grant

Lets now just all agree to agree to pay our taxes and get back to to the good weather, BBQ’s and beers 🙂


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