We're a group of honest, hard-working people. To make sure we're understood correctly though, we wanted to let you know a few legal notes that may (or may not) be of interest.

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Verico Preferred Financing Inc / Verico Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp have a co-brokering agreement and that there is a common Mortgage relationship and licences are joined/held in partnership with Verico Dreyer Group. Mortgage ownership and the employees of both Mortgage companies may review, advise and help process the Mortgage files.

Verico Preferred Financing Inc & Verico Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp share the some expense and income from mortgages. Kim Langille Featured on this site is an unlicensed mortgage assistant only, not a Mortgage Consultant. Jordi Browne featured on this site is the Mortgage Broker of record. "the Broker" is Jordi Browne.

Jordi Browne also holds a Life Insurance License and represents Verico Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp. Dave Browne featured on this site has a Life Insurance License too but is an independent agent who has currently not actively licensed (license decactivated 7/12/13 until further notice) – Jordi and Dave Browne co-broker life insurance files when both actively licensed and share income and expenses, otherwise Jordi handles all insurance deals.

Broker access to email and task: https://www.secure-administration.net/
Broker access to Expert: https://expert.filogix.com/expert/view/SignOn
Broker White Board Management Tool: http://tours.davebrowne.com/