We're a group of honest, hard-working people. To make sure we're understood correctly though, we wanted to let you know a few legal notes that may (or may not) be of interest.

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VERICO Dreyer Group Preferred Financing Inc. And VERICO Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp. have a co-brokering agreement and that there is a common Mortgage relationship and licences are joined/held in partnership with Verico Dreyer Group. Mortgage ownership and the employees of both Mortgage companies may review, advise and help process the Mortgage files.

Verico Preferred Financing Inc & Verico Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp share the some expense and income from mortgages. Al Browne, not featured on this site, is the Mortgage Broker of record. "The Broker" is Jordi Browne for lender purposes.

Jordi Browne and Dave Browne also hold Life Insurance Licenses and represent Verico Canadian 1st Mortgage Corp.

Broker access to email and task: https://www.secure-administration.net/
Broker access to Expert: https://expert.filogix.com/expert/view/SignOn
Broker White Board Management Tool: http://tours.davebrowne.com/