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Although our physical doors may be closed to respect the CDC and Government of Canada’s guidelines, our ability to help you during this time is not. We can chat over the phone, email, text or start a video call anytime.

If you have questions or are looking for advice about your mortgage/investments, we are all here to help, any day, any time. Our time costs you nothing.

The new normal for us is simply being present! Our team members are operating out of their homes, and in Eilisha’s case, a cabin in the Cariboo. Jordi and Dave Browne are available 24/7 to provide you with the latest news and counsel for everything mortgage-related, while Eilisha brings a sense of calm and order during an unpredictable time. Dave Saran is as focused as ever and Stephanie is utilizing her home office and creative noodle to produce innovative and exciting content for the Browne brand.

We are all trying to make a new “normal” from home, whether it’s;  supervising a son building his own skateboard ramp, teaching your daughter to drive a golf cart, watching an eagle dive bomb a fish on the frozen lake, homeschooling, or playing the Nintendo Switch that your boss lent you. Regardless of your new “normal” it’s important to maintain structure and also pursue mental and physical health.

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Every day it seems like we are watching our TV screens waiting for more news from the Canadian Government and their support to its Canadian citizens during this time.

We hope by sharing this Canadian COVID-19 Economic Response Plan we can clarify and show you how the government plans to help during this time.

Our team at Browne Mortgages + More are here for any questions you may have. Call, text, or ask to arrange a video call!

Benchmark Qualifying Rate

→ EFFECTIVE March 23, 2020 ←

The Bank of Canada will be reducing the qualifying rate by 0.15%, from 5.19% down to 5.04%.

Resulting in a 3% increase in qualifying ability, also equivalent to $15,000 more house for every $500,000

This change will not only make it easier for first time home buyers to get into the housing market but also allows access to more equity for home renovations, debt consolidation, etc.
  • Access to more equity
  • Buy more home

How To Send Your Documents On Your Phone

Using Photos to PDF / Images to PDF is an excellent way to merge all your documents via an iPhone or Android phone.

Step One ↓

Download Photos to PDF Converter onto your iPhone. Images to PDF on ANDROID it is an equivalent but not an identical app.


Step Two ↓

Open the App ⇢ Open Settings (looks like this dial).



Choose Photo Quality ⇢ Choose Medium.

Step Three ↓

⇢ Choose which way you would like to upload.

  • Camera Roll: If you have already photographed the documents
  • Take Photo: If you have the documents ready to photograph.

Step Four ↓

Allow permission for “Photos to PDF” to access your camera.

  • This permission is not giving the app access to take your information, it is necessary for the app to upload the documents you choose.


Step Five ↓

Take photos of the documents Individually or choose them in bulk from your camera roll if you have already photographed the pages.


Step Six ↓

Once you have all pages photographed choose NEXT.


Step Seven ↓

Formatting of the document should remain the same.

  • Margins ⇢ None
  • Orientation ⇢ Auto




Step Eight ↓

Rename the file ⇢ Use your full name and the month and year.




Step Nine ↓

Choose SHARE (Bottom Right).



Step Ten ↓

Send the PDF via email.


Step Eleven ↓

Send your broker the pdf via email

Dave Browne : dave@brownemortgage.com

Jordi Browne : jordi@brownemortgage.com

Dave Saran : daves@brownemortgage.com

Eilisha Sarafis : eilisha@brownemortgage.com













We hope that these two apps make compiling your documents easy!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for any of your mortgage needs, we are here to help you!